T e r m s   a n d   C o n d i t i o n s   o f   S a l e


We intend to hold our prices for the duration of the list.  However our products are subject to climatology, harvest or catch, and we have to trade in Euros.  Therefore we need to reserve the right to change our payment prices with minimum notice.  This may happens sometimes, especially at harvest time.


The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT where applicable.
Credit account payments will be due in accordance with any agreed terms set between the seller and the buyer, these agreed terms will be subject to change at any point by Mevalco (herein after called the Seller).
Overdue accounts: Interest at 2% per calendar month will be charged thereafter on all overdue accounts without any prejudice for our rights to pursue such outstanding sums.
Our standard credit account terms are payment 28 days from invoice date.  We are happy to settle your account through a single payment on the 14th of each month for all invoices raised on the previous month.
As credit accounts are costly to maintain, we prefer to keep to COD if we only trade with you occasionally, or have a small volume of business (less than £500 per month).
A new business, which cannot supply trade references would require a personal guarantee to be completed by the owner or chief executive of the business requesting credit.
New accounts start as COD, (or Pro Forma if COD is not practical) while we take up your references.
We regret that further orders will not be despatched whilst any overdue account remains unpaid and shall be liable to be put on stop until settlement is received.


When we are able to deliver in our refrigerated vehicles (please consult our sales team for availability to deliver to your area) prices include transport.  Minimum orders are £60.
Outside of our existing routes we use a third party transport company. We aim for NEXT DAY untimed DELIVERY IF WE RECEIVE THE ORDER BEFORE 11:00, OTHERWISE FOLLOWING DAY.  You can choose other day if it suits you better. For timed deliveries, please consult our sales team.
Parcel delivery (not recommended for olives, oils, vinegars):  Minimum order £100.  £12 charge for orders between £100 and £150 and £6 for orders between £150 and £200.  Free delivery above £200.
Pallet delivery: Minimum order £300.  £12 charge for orders between £300-£400. Free of charge above that.


When the price of the goods includes the cost of delivery outside of the Seller’s premises, the Seller will replace, free of charge, goods lost or damaged in transit, provided the Buyer or consignee shall:
a. Give the Seller notice by telephone on the day of delivery, confirmed in writing within three days from the day of delivery, detailing the nature of the loss and damage; and
b. Where the goods are delivered by outside carriers comply with such carrier’s conditions for notification of such claims.
c. Return of stock due to fault or condition, can only be accepted if legitimate fault, due to product or its packaging. Any damage that is judged to have been caused due to negligence by the buyer will not be accepted for credit.


a. The goods shall be retained by the Seller until payment in full is received.  In the event of non-payment by the Buyer by the payment date or if the Buyer shall in opinion of the Seller be unable to settle their commitments, the Seller shall be entitled to enter any premises where the goods may be and recover possession of same.
b. Under no circumstances shall title pass to another party until full payment to the Seller
c. In the event of stock being returned to settle any outstanding account, the value of that stock shall be assessed and will only be accepted upon the possible re-sale of that stock, which will affect the actual value of the goods after taking into account there original date of purchase and condition of products returned.