F R O M   L O C A L   T O   L O C A L

 We want to contribute to preserve rural communities



Founded nearly 10 years ago OUR aim was simple: offer a new distribution channel into the UK for artisanal food producers. Honesty and clarity have been the stepping stones of our success ever since.


Mevalco Local To Local 10th September 2018

Spain has a hugely diverse landscape which has received many different historical influences. If we add to the mix the fact that Spain has looked inwards for most of 18th, 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries, the result is a country that still preserves a lot of the traditional uses of land and food production.

We want to contribute to preserve these rural communities by finding new markets for the ingredients they produce. Our moto “from local to local”. Most of our relationships are with the farmers themselves who are specialists in what they do: they farm their own land; grow their own olives and herd their sheep, cattle or pigs.

Most of our over 60 suppliers go to the next step and make the finished product (cheeses, table olives, cure meats). This gives them an authentic understanding and control of the final product.

They are integral to keep rural communities alive, especially in the sparsely populated inland of Spain and in mountainous areas. So we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their effort day in, day out, and for their patience when working with us to create new twists to their products. We also thank you, the customer, on their behalf, for being part of this COMMUNITY.

O U R   H I S T O R Y


2007 We started with two units in a field in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

2008 This year we partnered with Morgenrot, who took us to Bolton Stadium for all their key customers to try our food.  It was a fully thumbs up verdict!  Our immense thanks to Ray Flinn, you will be always in our thoughts. And we moved to our first premises with a ceiling in Frampton-on-Severn.

 2009 We started to import fresh iberico pork.  We believe we were the first ones to import it regularly and fresh.  Definitely the first ones outside of London! Some of our best customer    to this day started this year.

2010 This year we reviewed how we did things, and developed our plans for the next three years: calm before the storm.

2011 Rosa starts to work with us, and takes our team to five people.  David's father, Jose Enrique, a constant help in the early days of Mevalco, suddenly leaves us.

2012 Jesse joins us, and adds a new layer to our customer service.  We start to experiment with frozen foods. With Belloterra our iberico hams gain in quality and consistency. We work with Mata to develop a new minichorizo picante, just how our customers liked it.

2013 What a year! We starting by bringing the best calcots in the world and we finished by importing a new range of wild prawns, octopus and Pyrenean Lamb.  In the meantime we became Morgenrot main depot in the South West and moved warehouse.

2014 We renewed our vehicles fleet, we built a new coldstore, and we moved on with our branding (thanks Andi!).  Daniel, Jose and Javier joined us to look after the warehouse and the logistics.

2015 We developed our stock control software.  Our 10 team member is now really consolidated.  We launched our web page (yes, we didn't have a web page before!).

2016 Justin, Caro and Lorna joined us, the family is still growing! And we finally have social media (yes, we didn't have it either!).

2017 We branded our vans and started to deliver into Devon.

2018 We moved to new state of the art premises and started to deliver into Liverpool, Manchester and London. Our first event “Local to Local”, putting in touch producers and Spanish chefs with British chefs took place, and it was a big success.


W E   H A V E   G O T   T H E   B E S T   H U M A N   T E A M !


O U R   B E L O V E D   S P A I N

A L W A Y S   A   S O U R C E   O F   I N S P I R A T I O N


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