STANDARDS CREDIT ACCOUNTS. Our standard credit account terms are payment 30 days from invoice date.  

REGULAR CLIENTS. If you are a regular customer we are happy to settle your account through a single payment on the 14th of each month for all invoices raised on the previous month.
As credit accounts are costly to maintain, we prefer to keep to COD if we only trade with you occasionally, or have a small volume of business (less than £500 per month).

NEW ACCOUNTS. Start as COD, (or Pro Forma if COD is not practical) while we take up your references.

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When we are able to deliver in our refrigerated vehicles   Prices include transport.  Minimum orders are £100.

Consult our current delivery routes.  Click here!

Outside existing routes we use a third party transport company. We aim for next day untimed delivery if we receive the order before 11:00, Otherwise following day. For timed deliveries, please consult our sales team.

We recommend pallet delivery for reliability, consistency and delivery quality. Parcel delivery (not recommended for olives, oils, vinegars):  Minimum order £100.  Orders with a value of less than £100 a £15 surcharge will be applied.  Orders with a value of less than £150 a £12 surcharge will be applied.  Specific time requests orders, a £12 surcharge will be applied.  £17.50 before 10.30am. Collection discounts may apply to minimum purchase and payments terms being agreed.

Whether in our kitchenette or at your premises we are happy to help your chefs to know better our products, and supply ideas for your next menu.

We can arrange for

TRAINING  We can provide product training, including sherry tastings.

HAM CARVING COURSES We are happy to arrange professional training days for your key staff.

OTHERS We are happy to help you with themed evenings, for example around Iberico pork, specific regional foods or wine areas.